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Bed Bugs in Hair

Protect a bed, a couch, a chair from getting bed bugs because they might end up in your hair! There is tons of information out there about getting rid of bed bugs from your homes and clothes but what happens when you get bed bugs in your hair? Who even knew you could get bed bugs in hair?

Bed bugs Prefer Brunettes

bed bug in hairBed bugs go everywhere! And it might make you want to consider shaving off all your hair, but bed bugs can get in your hair. Unlike lice, bed bugs do not prefer to be in hair; what the bed bugs prefer is skin. However, hair does have some attractive qualities to bed bugs. Bed bugs like warm environments and a head covered with hair is warm.  They also prefer dark places and hair can provide this a dark hidden sanctuary for bed bugs – which can mean that bed bugs probably prefer brunettes.

Bed bugs travel very quickly from one place to another, so lying in an infested bed or putting your head on a couch with bed bugs can easily cause the bugs to transfer to your hair. As gross as bed bugs in hair sounds, it’s not as bad as you think. Bed bugs are unable to navigate through hair as efficiently as lice can so simply using a nit comb or lice shampoo can easily get rid of bed bugs from your hair.

The best way to prevent getting bed bugs in your hair, is to prevent getting bed bugs in your home. Protect your bed, couches and belongings with the proper bed bug proof encasements that trap bed bugs and prevent infestations keeping the bed bugs away from your skin and hair.

Volunteers Work to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

A New Bed Bug Volunteering Project

In Kreta Ayer, Singapore a new volunteering program has been created – the Stop Pests Project. This projected two-month program, beginning on September 11, 2011, aims to help clean 150 bed bug infested houses on Block 51 – a main rental block in Kreta Ayer.

‘Stop Pests Project’ targets 150 bed bug infested homes

Many elderly and poor individuals, living in this area, are unable to afford getting rid of bed bugs in their houses and so they live alongside the blood-sucking critters. This Stop Pests Project has already racked up corporate investors and has taken public donations to help cover the estimated cost of $250,000.Bed bug infested mattress

The Stop Pest Project has employed an Origin Exterminators’ beagle to help locate the bed bugs within the many houses. This use of dogs to find bed bugs is a new practice that has been growing both within the United States and out. Once the bed bugs have been located, over 100 volunteers have begun packing up houses for extermination.

This two-month project is only a test run of what could be a huge campaign to help clean the city of infestations and perhaps prevent bed bugs in the future. In addition to increasing the number of houses targeted by this volunteer program, head of the Stop Pest Project, Dr. Neo hopes to eventually have enough funding to replace the infested furniture and bed bug ridden mattresses.   

Read more about protecting your mattresses from infestations at http://lnk.nu/bedbug.com/1s15.aspx

Bed bugs show up in New York City public schools

In New York City, bed bugs have been reportedly found in public schools and even one famous Sports Club. So don’t let the name fool you; bed bugs don’t just stay in your bed.

Bed Bugs in NYC Public Schools
bed bug infestation, bed bugs on clothes, bed bugs spread
Bed bugs travel from private homes into classrooms using students as their form of transportation. Bed bugs in NYC public schools is not a new phenomenon, just a growing one. With each unlucky New York City public schools’ discovery, this increasingly frequent occurrence draws more attention due to the school’s obligation to inform parents when even just one of these bugs is found.

Students carry the blood-sucking bugs on their clothes or even their book bags making it all the more important for parents to prevent infestations in their homes. While measures have been taken to encourage parents to prevent bed bug infestations many homes are already affected and therefore keep this problem ongoing. If prevention is no longer an option, parents should at least act to contain their problem with products like SecureSleep™ Smart Buy for Home.

mattress covers prevent bed bugs | SecureSleep These products can trap bed bugs where their name suggests they belong – the bed – and with bed bug proof bedding covers prevent the bugs from biting and spreading. By isolating the problem, NYC schools are hoping to see less numbers of these critters that have increased by three times this past year and caused considerable damage.

Read more about the NYC public school bed bug problems at http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2017740/Start-scratching–The-number-bedbugs-New-York-Citys-public-schools-TRIPLES-year.html

Bed Bugs in Washington D.C.

bed bugs in Washington DC
Bed bugs have made their way into the federal building that houses the U.S. Agency for
International Development in Washington. Luckily, they did not infest the whole building, but
targeted single offices at the agency’s tower in the Ronald Reagan Building and International
Trade Center. USAID said they would treat infected areas and become proactive to prevent any
future infestations. Bed bugs feed on human blood and can cause itching and welts in some people.
If you suspect that you may have bed bugs in your home or office, you can get more information from this vast bed bug knowledge center and bedbug movie.

Tech Tuesday: Fighting Bed Bugs With Bedbug.com

Tech Tuesday talks bed bugs and the importance of bed bug mattress protectors and other encasements in this video:

mattress bed bugs, bed bug video, bed bug movie, bed bug covers, mattress cover, bed bugs, bedbugs, bed bug bedbug

Click to play 'Fighting Bedbugs' video at Tech Tuesday

What’s the movie all about?

Bedbugs are becoming an increasing problem in America. Although this issue is not going unresolved, there are preventative measures you can take. The irony about these bugs is that you bring them into your own bed, probably due to a higher rate of traveling.

Bedbugs transport themselves to homes through hotel mattresses and hotel pillows, and end up on peoples bodies and in their suitcases. Fortunately, bedbugs don’t have to be part of your life if you are willing to take some simple precautions.

The video tells how  you can find the most convenient solutions, such as high-tech mattress encasements, luggage liners, and micro-polyester laundry bags, all made with a unique zipper technology, and breathable, hypoallergenic fabric.

Preventing this travel tick could be one click away! – http://www.bedbug.com

Bed Bugs Biting Travelers

Guest Author: Nathalie Pludwinski
cimex lectularious, bedbugs
Bed bugs are becoming a widespread problem, especially for travelers. Pest control companies have received 81 percent more bed bug calls since 2000, and surveys say that 67 percent of pest control companies have attended to bed bug cases in hotels and motels.

Although the majority of infestations have been in hotels and motels, bed bugs reside in houses, laundry facilities, apartments, condos, single-family homes, movie theaters, and even four-and five star resorts. While infestations are often irritating and unpleasant, bed bugs are not known for transmitting disease/ However, bed bug bites may cause itching and allergic reaction in some people.

Researchers have labeled increased travel as a main factor for the rapid rise of bed bug infestations. A bed bugs natural way of survival is feeding off of human blood, and therefore as people are on the move, so are bed bugs in search of a “snack”.

bedbug infestation on mattressWhile travelers fear encountering bed bugs upon arrival to a hotel room, sanitation problems are not usually the cause. The American Hotel and Lodging association makes it very clear that the issue does not relate to cleanliness. According to the association, hotels should conduct regular pest control inspections. They also advise hotel staff to conduct daily inspection of linens, mattress and box spring seams, headboards and bedding. Traces of bed bugs can be discovered by looking for signs of the pests, and by finding spots of dried blood or excrement.

Travelers should take precautions; such as performing a brief check of certain places in the room, such as the mattress and the headboard. For clothing protection, upholstered furniture and drawers where clothes can be stored should be checked as well. During this quick inspection, guests are advised to keep luggage in the bathroom, because infestations will less commonly occur in hard surfaced areas.

Upon returning home, all clothing, even unworn, should be washed in hot water, and suitcases with signs of bugs should be vacuumed and lined with bed bug proof encasements. Home remedies and other bedbug encasement products can also be purchased for full protection.

There is no need for bed bugs to travel home with you. There is a solution; in fact, there are many, and some more top bed bug travel prevention tips can be found in a single click!