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Bed Bug Insecticide Kills Human Instead of Bugs

Bed Bug insecticides kill one and harm many

In North Carolina, a woman dies after attempting to kill bed bugs using 18 cans of insecticides. In fact, she is just one of an already known 110 individuals harmed by bed bug insecticides in the past three years. CDC officials are suggesting that people rely on exterminators rather than attempt to fight the bed bugs themselves. It could mean their life!bed bug adult

The sudden scare of bed bug insecticides has encouraged people to take preventative measures. Bed bug mattress encasements and pillow covers can keep bed bugs out and prevent the need for using these harmful insecticides.

bed bug infestation, mattress encasementPerhaps the most frightening thing about this increasingly common occurrence is that the bed bugs themselves do not spread sickness. Even though the bloodsucking critters are a huge bother, it is the insecticide products used to kill them that cause the most harm.

Read more about avoiding bed bugs so you do not have to resort to using harmful products

Find more information at: http://abcnews.go.com/Health/wireStory/scores-sick-died-kill-bedbugs-14581539

Richard Saffern talks about Bedbug.com and the International Home and Housewares Show

Bedbug.com recently exhibited its SecureSleep™ bed bug proof encasements at the Houseware Show in Chicago.

bedbug.com securesleep mattress encasement products, certified bed bug proof

We were amongst severalmanufacturers of anti bedbug products. We were very excited to learn that several new customers have chosen our product over the competitor’s due to our quality, affordability and luxurious feel. One buyer stated that he decided on going with our line since we had a great blend of products and because of our unique twist on the whole concept, with our SecureTravel™ products, an area which other mattress encasement companies have not addressed. We had a high percent of agreements signed based upon the number of people who visited our booth. We were especially happy since two of them are now addressing an industry which our current customers were not currently selling to.
bed bug proof mattress covers, bedbug.com securesleep @ home and housewares showThe timing was great as we are heading into the busy season for bedbugs, now through September.  The visitors ranged from e-commerce companies, to hardware and luggage stores, to home and garden. It is always nice to see our customers when they stop by the booth to say hello and tell us how satisfied they are with our encasement products. Our Customer Service Manager, Sandra,  also got to meet some people for the very first time in person.
For more information on how you can become a distributor of the SecureSleep™ line of bed bug proof products, please contact the Vice President of Strategic Business Development & Marketing for Bedbug.com, Rich Saffern.

Are Parasites Good For You?

Surprisingly enough, in some cases, the answer may be yes. This may not be the case with bed bug infestations, but some parasites have truly advanced society!See full size image

Due to my extensive work in the bed bug industry, I was given a rare opportunity to review an excellent book entitled Parasites: Tales of Humanity’s Most Unwelcome Guests by distinguished parasitologist, Rosemary Drisdelle.

When I read through Parasites, I was surprised at how quick and easy it was to read. I really appreciated the fresh and exciting new view that Drisdelle took in reanalyzing the typical disdain that people have for parasites. She transformed the way we view parasites into an appreciation and eagerness to learn more. Drisdelle has made one of societies most dreaded and often ignored entities accessible as well as enjoyable, while unearthing an exciting part of our history as well as our future.

I knew bed bugs were infamous for coming home with you in your luggage, but I did not know just how many mites, worms and other parasites were stationed all around us at all times.

Drisdelle’s new books’ description elucidates just how prevalent and influential parasites are:

“Hidden away within living tissues, parasites are all around us—and inside us. Yet, despite their unsavory characteristics, as we find in this compulsively readable book, parasites have played an enormous role in civilizations through time and around the globe. Parasites: Tales of Humanity’s Most Unwelcome Guests puts amoebae, roundworms, tapeworms, mites, and others at the center of the action as human cultures have evolved and declined. It shows their role in exploration, war, and even terrorist plots, often through an unpredictable ripple effect. It reveals them as invisible threats in our food, water, and luggage; as invaders that have shaped behaviors and taboos; and as unexpected partners in such venues as crime scene investigations. Parasites also describes their evolution and life histories and considers their significant benefits. Deftly blending the sociological with the scientific, this natural and social history of parasites looks closely at a fascinating, often disgusting group of organisms and discovers that they are in fact an integral thread in the web of life.”

Working with bed bugs in particular, I get many calls from people who are suffering from bed bug bites and from exterminator preparation and fee’s. Drisdelle also admits that “some parasites do take over their hosts,” and I’ve heard from many people who can truly attest to that fact. Besides the obvious financial and time burden, a bedbug (or any) infestation can also have serious psychological ramifications. People underestimate the psycho-social impact of bed bugs, while numbers of people talk about being stressed, overwhelmed, isolated, anxious and even significantly traumatized by bed bugs.

I highly recommend taking a deeper look into Drisdelle’s new book Parasites: Tales of Humanity’s Most Unwelcome Guests and even buying a copy for yourself. You’ll be surprised by how much you learn and even more by how much you enjoy the read!

Here’s an excerpt of some of the official reviews of the book:

  • A very good read! Lots of parasite stories told in a compelling way.”—Dickson Despommier, Emeritus Professor, Columbia University
  • In her newest book, Rosemary Drisdelle gives us a fresh and exciting spin on the past and current history of parasites; a far too often disdained and ignored presence among us. Drisdelle’s anecdotes make one of society’s most dreaded entities accessible as well as enjoyable. Parasites and its historical insights have the ability to change society’s view of and response to parasites amongst us.—Richard Saffern, Bedbug.com

If you’ve read it, we’d love to hear your review as well!

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1. In your opinion, why have bed bug cases been on the rise? Out of these cases how many of these are from college dorms?
Increase in International Travel & inexpensive cruises, global warming, banning of certain pesticides, increase in high rise buildings being built in major densely populated cities
. With the recession many people also buy second hand furniture and mattresses. If you shop at Thrifts stores you can wind up spending a lot more money then if you would have bought new products as getting rid of bedbugs is a very expensive process.

Maybe 10%, most are usually publicized as they get out of hand because bed bugs spread to both horizontal and vertical dorm rooms as they do in hotels. Issues arise when there is no activity during summer, winter and spring breaks. If there is a bed bug infestation starting it will get out of hand as the bed bugs multiply and feed when students return from vacations or bring them back from their travels. When speaking to many officials at State Bed Bug Task Forces or Public Health departments the biggest spread is in apartments where renters live and there is a lot of changeover, people moving in and out of buildings. We specifically came out with a twin XL mattress encasement because there is demand. We also are the only company to manufacture suitcase liners and laundry bags. College students can come with one holding their clean clothes and go home with another one with the dirty clothes. If college kids bring the problem home you can also see how the numbers can quickly add up and spread from residence to residence. College students are in small rooms and tend to have clutter which is a problem.

2. Has there been a particular season where bed bugs are especially active?
We are coming up to the busy season Springtime through the beginning of the Summer (May-June particularly heavy-Spring Time when the temperature warm to the bedbugs delight.  Winter has the least. But it also depends where in the country you live. Large cities with airport hubs tend to have many, especially as you know NYC.

3. What can we do ourselves to help treat bed bugs?
The most important thing to prevent and detect is to learn how to identify bedbugs and to arrange the furniture in bedrooms properly  and apply woven 6  sided bedding encasements. Many people buy the mattress protector, because it touches their body, but the box spring is just as important or more since there are many crevices for the bedbugs to hide and within the wood and nails nymphs are hard to identify.  Encasements are an integral part of the total solution and it is important to immediately call an exterminator who has experience with treating bedbugs and applying Integrated Pest Control Management procedures.  Ask for references and how many cases they treat a week. The more the better. For large multi-residential buildings one might have to incur the added expense of hiring specially trained bedbug dogs or heating of freezing (cryogenics) methods. You can make your own bedbug trap like one which uses dry ice to attract the bedbugs or use interceptors below the four bed legs  Better yet there are also newly marketed in the USA monitoring devices like BBalert both passive and active that create harborages or simulates the warmth and respiration that Bed bugs use as indicators to find their hosts. As Bedbugs are attracted to pheromones and carbon dioxide given off by the human host or warm blooded animals. Don’t leave the bedroom where you were bitten and sleep in another room as you will spread the bedbugs. Turn the lights on anytime between 1-5 when bedbugs tend to come out and you might be able to spot them. Look behind picture frames, curtains, bed skirts and electrical outlets too.


The Bed Bug Epidemic and the Ensuing Social Stigma

With the elimination of DDT and the increase in worldwide travel, the entire globe has been forced to face a recent bed bug epidemic. As if the itching, house clearing, laundry cleaning, and extermination cost are not enough, many individuals are faced with ensuing social dilemmas. These social dilemmas fall on both sides of the infestation; meaning that both the individual who is being infested and the family and friends of such an individual feel the not so subtle effect of this bed bug epidemic.
Anyone who has ever come in contact with, or even read up on bed bug infestations knows that there is an immense amount of stress that one faces when dealing with bed bugs in their home (finding an exterminator to kill your bed bugs, packing up the house, washing clothes and sheets, encasing bedding, etc.). However, most people are less aware of how it feels to be an acquaintance of someone facing the bed bug epidemic. Here are a few dilemmas to consider:
Dilemma 1 – Bed Bugs & Clutterbedbugs, dorm room, bedding, mattress cover
There are the simple brawls, such as the common ‘neat freak’, who is forced to live in the same college dorm with her messy roommate. You may even get along very well with your roommate, but when she leaves lots of clutter around, the opportunities for bed bugs to hide and infest your bed nearly double! What is a bed bug fearing neat freak to do?
Dilemma 2 – Bed Bug Horror Stories Coming to Visit
Here’s where the social stigma gets even more complicated. bed bug news, visits, bed bug free, newspaper, bed bug articles Say Leo just got back from traveling around the country. His bags are filled with souvenirs, dirty clothes, and (yikes) possibly bed bugs! Now, Leo would like to crash at your place. You’ve read dozens of horror stories in the news about bed bug infestations across the country. Obviously, you do not want bed bugs, and sharing living quarters almost always means sharing a bed bug infestation. But then again, you do not want to leave Leo out on the streets simply because he may have bed bugs – what kind of friend would do that? And what if Leo is your family member? Is blood-sucking thicker than blood? Good question.
No one should ever have to be faced with such a situation. Here’s a suggestion – On Leo’s next birthday, consider getting him a Smart Buy for Travel from Bedbug.com (hint, hint).
Dilemma 3 – Dreaded Dorm Room Living
This one’s a real doozie. You are a freshman at college. You live in the dorm – tons of fun. You and your roomie get along great, and manage to keep your room livable, if not exactly spotless. But, it’s the rest of the rabble in your building that worries you – and well it should. Why? Bed bugs! Probably coming from that room down the way that has pizza boxes spilling out into the hallway. So what to do? Cover your pillows, mattresses and laundry! It’s the best way to stop bed bugs from taking refuge in your bedding and other vulnerable places-like in your clothes (unless your school mascot happens to be the bed bug, in which case, just go with it). Otherwise, Bedbug.com offers an economical package deal for just such an occasion – Smart Buy for Dorm Room Protection.
bed bug, bedbugs, dorm room, pillow protector, pillow cover, encasement, no bed bugs Plus, you don’t want to be responsible for bringing those bloodsuckers home to the family when you head out for the holidays, do you? Mom would NOT be happy.
Dilemma 4 – Your Property, Your Bed Bugs
Let’s be honest now. No one has the ideal relationship with their neighbors. Who wants someone constantly in close proximity to them, knowing their every move? Especially if you’ve got bed bugs, you’ve already got plenty of critters who fit that description. But what if that pesky (or perhaps even friendly) neighbor’s got bed bugs. prevent bed bugs, multi-family dwelling, tenant, landlord, housing. neighbors, infestation That’s right! You’re next in line for blood sucking paranoia and itchy, sleepless nights. I’m sure your first instinct is to gut their apartment and ship them and their new crawling residents out to sea. But we all know that isn’t an option, so how do we protect ourselves from our neighbors and their unwanted squatters? Even if your neighbor is careless and his house is infested, that doesn’t mean yours will be. As long as you take the right precautions to protect your home and your family, you should be okay. How do you do that, you ask? Well, you can start by encasing every pillow, mattress and box spring in the house. And don’t forget to encase the babies’ crib or the laundry bags. Yes indeed, Bedbug.com has thought of just about everything to keep your family bed bug free.
Dilemma 5 – Bed Bugs and the Office
work, business, bed bug bites, corporate, social stigma, no bed bugs, prevent bed bugs, kill bed bugs, bedbugsErica lives in an upscale suburban neighborhood and is a partner at a well-known law firm. About six months ago, she woke up one morning with bites all over her back. Initially, she assumed that she had been attacked by mosquitoes, and thinking nothing of it, resumed her daily routine. However, the next day was anything but routine. Erica had barely opened her eyes when she noticed big red welts running up and down her arms. One of the first things she thought of was: “how am I going to show up to work like this.” After visiting her local doctor, her fears were justified – she had bed bugs! Erica went into a panic. What was she going to tell her colleagues when they asked – and they were going to ask! This was a living nightmare for Erica. She missed three weeks of work due to the embarrassing social stigma of having bed bugs; (not to mention the stress, anxiety, sleepless nights and time loss.)
The above five stories are merely examples of situations, the likes of which happen daily across the globe. Because a bed bug bite doesn’t only leave it’s host itching. Bed bug infestations also affect the friends, relatives, and the society in which we live. As a population, we need to learn to take preventative measures against bed bug infestations, especially in dorms and other multi-family dwellings. Landlords, take note.
Because once bed bugs strike, clearing, cleaning, exterminator searching, and stressing about bed bug bites is inevitable. However, prior to bed bug infestations, Bedbug.com has created a full line of scientifically tested anti-bed bug encasement products that, as part of a total pest management solution, are designed to keep your messy roommate, backpacking friend, nosy neighbor, corporate sister-in-law, and most importantly, yourself bed bug free. And with Bedbug.com’s “no questions asked” 21-day money back guarantee, there’s no good reason not to reward yourself with a SecureSleep™ from www.bedbug.com.