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San Francisco Landlords Now Being Asked to Provide Bed Bug Mattress and Box Spring Encasements

New San Francisco Bed Bug Laws

Why Are Bed Bugs Biting in San Fran?

Bed bugs are most prevalent in cities that have large urban area’s and many travelers – like San Francisco! That’s because bedbugs travel on clothing and in luggage & they use humans and other mammals as hosts.

Bed Bug Avoidance Tips for San Francisco Landlords

The San Francisco Department of Public Health has already changed the landlord requirements for control of bed bugs two times in the past 5 years, and they are doing it again – this May! Here are some changes that they are proposing and considering requiring landlords to abide by:

  1. Landlords who provide a mattress and box spring in a unit, must also provide appropriate bed bug proof encasings
  2. Landlords provide bed bug prevention guidance to new tenants
  3. Landlords who offer short term rentals may be required to search for bed bugs each month!
If you are a landlord, you can see more relevant tips to prevent bed bugs for landlords here.

What Can I do to prevent bed bugs?

The top 3 bed bug prevention techniques out there are:

  1. Know what bed bugs look like and where they are likely to hide. If you think you may have bed bugs, you can watch this informative video for signs of bed bugs.
  2. Travel Smart – Know how to search for bed bugs and what bed bugs look like. Use this information to search for bedbugs on your next vacation.
  3. Purchase scientifically tested bed bug proof mattress covers and travel encasements.

Bed bugs on Cruise Ships

It seems as if there is nowhere to hide from bed bugs. Not even a vacation can rid us of these insects, as they have reached us even at sea on cruises!

Despite their presence, there are ways to avoid bed bug encounters.

Tips for before your cruise:

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-Check for past bed bug reports on your cruise line at Cruise-bruise.com.

-Ask your cruise line if they encase their bedding with bed bug proof encasement’s.

-Ask the cruise line if they have had any bed bug cases before.

-Pack a flashlight so you can inspect for the presence of bed bugs.

-Know what bed bugs and bed bug bites look like.

-Pack an anti-bedbug laundry bag and bring washable clothes in case you must launder them while on board.

Bedbug precautions while on the cruise:

-Check your clothes and body after each destination before getting back on the ship.

-Inspect your cabin thoroughly for signs of bed bugs before unpacking. Look behind     head boards, in seams and drawers.

-If your room does have or has had bed bugs, request to be placed in a new stateroom as far away from the original as possible. DO NOT bring your luggage into a room that has bed bugs!

Where do bed bugs come from in the first place?

-Bed bugs usually start in a hotel, get into someone’s luggage and then come into the cruise ship with the passenger. For ultimate protection, purchase anti-bed bug luggage liners, and check your luggage before getting back on your ship.

-If you suspect bed bugs on board you ship, immediately notify the purser’s office, and arrange to see the doctor on board for documentation purposes.

Why a bed bug mattress cover?

When looking for a mattress cover for my queen size bed, I kept being told to get bed bug covers for my entire family. These days it’s not enough to cover your mattress, instead you must fully encase all of your bedding in bed bug bags in order to prevent bed bugs or kill any bed bugs already trapped inside.

The more research I do on bed bugs and the more information I find out – from either people who have had first had experience unfortunately, or from bed bug videos and professionals, the more scary it is.

They spread faster than we realize, their cunning, and their bedroom smart. They stop at nothing to feast themselves at our expense, sucking our blood right out of us from under our noises.

The havoc they create is unimaginable unless you’ve been through it yourself. The money needed to be spent that you afford and the time it takes to get rid of them that you just don’t have drains you, physically and emotionally, it can literally drive people to insanity.

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I heard from an entomologist that he has seen people get so desperate and pushed to the limit that they have resulted in covering their floors and sofa’s in diesel fuel; however this of course brings up other serious and dangerous problems.

My advise is that its defiantly better to leave it to the pest control professionals but what you can and should do weather you have had bed bugs or not, make sure that all the pillows, mattresses and box springs in your house are protected with bed bug covers. I even have a laundry bag that is bed bug proof; I’m not leaving anything up to chance!!