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Bug Bed on “I’m a Celebrity”

 Bugs in Bed Challenge on “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here”

This past week on the “I’m a Celebrity” show, the blue team won the horrific “Beat the Bugs Challenge”, also known as the Bed Bug Challenge. Imagining your warm bed at home infested with bed bugs is bad enough, but these participants had to spend the night in beds within Perspex boxes with all kinds of jungle critters crawling around.

bed bug infestation Each team got to choose which “bed bugs” went into the other teams boxes – snakes, rats, cockroaches and crabs are just a few of their options. The team that spent the most time in the bed bug infested beds won the challenge. The blue team won with 35 hours and 56 minutes, while the orange team only had a total of 29 hours and 22 minutes. Maybe if the  orange team had bed bug protection, they could have stood a chance against the blue team.

This challenge kept many of the participants up all night and had many of them in tears. But then again who could sleep with so many bugs in bed? After watching that episode of the TV show, its not easy crawling into bed while hoping nothing else is crawling in. Sleep better with a bed bug mattress encasement that can keep the bed bugs out.

Bed Bug Tips for Travel and Home

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