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Bed bugs on Airplanes

Traveling with Bed Bugs

bed bug travel Finding bed bugs in hotels is old news, now you might find the bed bugs on airplanes! After taking a British Airways flight from Los Angeles to London, one business class passenger discovered bed bug bites all over her arms and legs. Believe it or not, this is not the first of bed bug infestations found on airplanes. Last year a business class passenger found bed bug bites on his body after taking a flight with United Airlines. Looks like bed bugs also use airplanes to travel!

British Airways ignored complaints about the bed bugs one passenger discovered until a website publicizing the airline’s bed bug infestation went viral. The airline ended up having to get rid of bed bugs from two of their planes. Many airlines along with British Airways, have faced this issue of bed bugs in the past but it has never been publicized so as not to affect business.

How to Prevent Bed Bugs on Airplanes:

Airlines are responsible for preventing bed bugs on flights, but apparently they aren’t doing enough to protect their passenger. Take extra caution to make sure you don’t end up with bed bug bites coming off that plane!bed bug travel pillow

  1. Bring your own bed-bug proof pillow and blanket to protect against bed bugs while on your flight
  2. Use anti-bed bug luggage liners and bed bug proof garment bag encasements so that your clothes are protected from bed bug infestations
  3. Be careful about bringing bed bugs into your home – clean your luggage and clothing before entering your house

Read more about bed bugs on airplanes at www.forbes.com/sites/melaniehaiken/2011/11/21/bed-bugs-on-airplanes-how-to-fly-bed-bug-free/

Bed Bug Registry

Bed Bug Registry Reports Bed Bug Infestations

Make sure you don’t find yourself checking into an infested with bed bugs hotel by using a bed bug registry. Before checking into a new hotel, or taking a cruise it is essential you do your research. “Bed bug travel” has become a very common term as the two – bed bugs and travel – have become deeply linked especially over the past year.

bed bugs usaBed bug reports have almost tripled in the past year, which may be due to an increased resistance to insecticides, (Read more about bed bug resistance here), so it has become even more important to keep track of these new bug infestations. A bed bug registry, depending on how good it is, will provide a list of recent bed bug reports. Bedbugregistry.com is one example of these kind of registries – it is a database of bed bug reports from users across the United States and Canada.
According to this registry, as well as many others, bed bugs are a big problem! They are a problem that could easily be prevented with the proper caution, but due their new resistance are becoming harder to get rid of.

Tips for avoiding bed bugs while traveling:
bed bug new york

  1. Before booking a hotel, look up if any bed bug sightings have been reported on a bed bug registry.
  2. Find out what bed bugs look like and learn how to check a hotel room for bed bugs.
  3. When packing, pack all clothing in anti-bedbug luggage liners and bring along your own bedbug-proof pillow case and anti-bedbug laundry bag. Don’t forget to also bring a small flashlight to help you look for bed bugs in the hotel room.
  4. Try not to leave your luggage on the bed or floor and keep all clothes not being used sealed in anti-bed bug luggage liners or the anti-bedbug laundry bag.
  5. Before checking out, recheck your belongings and the hotel room for bed bugs so that you don’t bring any bed bugs back home with you.

SecureSleep.com Launches New Bed Bug Products

New SecureSleep Bed Bug Products

Who wants to worry about killing bed bugs? I think it’s pretty safe to assume getting rid of bed bug infestations is not a task many people would wish for. SecureSleep.com has made it their mission to come up with new solutions for keeping bed bugs away, so getting rid of bed bugs does not become a problem their customers have to worry about.

Today, bed bug protection has reached its new height with SecureSleep’s two new products: the bed bug proof garment bag encasement and bed bug clothing protection hamper.

Bed Bug Proof Garment Bag

bed bug proof garment bag
Securesleep.com has created new garment bags that not only keep your clothes crease-free but also keep them bed bug-free.  These 52” garment bags are machine washable and are easily portable so you can even fight bed bugs on the go. They can even be used to hang up clothes in hotel rooms where bed bugs are always a problem and prevent you from bringing bed bugs, hidden in your clothes, home. (Read more about bed bugs in hotel rooms here).

Bed Bug Clothing Protection Hamper

bed bug hamperYou probably have never thought you had to worry about the dirty clothes you just threw in the hamper – but those dirty clothes could become even more “dirty” if infested by bed bugs. Securesleep.com has solved this problem for you with their new bed bug proof hamper that will prevent any bed bugs from infesting your clothes and even worse spreading to other parts of your house. The machine washable bed bug bag can be folded for easy storage, and stands up when filled with clothes.

Both the bed bug proof garment bag and bed bug protection hamper are very easy and convenient solutions for protecting your clothes against bed bugs. Buy with confidence because all SecureSleep products are Entomologist tested effective and have lifetime warranties.

Bed Bugs Come to Hollywood

Hollywood hotel sued for Bed Bugs

This year a rising number of hotels have had to get rid of bed bugs from many of their rooms, and this definitely does not exclude hotels in the glamorous Hollywood.

bed bugs in hotel roomI guess not everything is picture-perfect in Hollywood. A couple staying in one of Hollywood’s hotels found a bed bug crawling across a pillow as they lay down to sleep. To their horror, the bed bug was not alone – as they found multiple bed bugs crawling all over the bed when they pulled down the sheets. Perhaps the most frightening part of the story is that the hotel, presented with the bed bug situation, only offered to switch the couple’s room – which they very smartly declined. The couple returned home and ended up getting rid of all their stuff to prevent bed bugs from spreading. The couple reported that the hotel handled the situation very poorly and only called for exterminators 17 days later.

The bed bug attacked couple have attempted to receive compensation from the hotel for doctor visits, damaged items and the “stay” at the hotel but the hotel refused.  Part of the law suit that has resulted from this bed bug case, is the requirement that the hotel provide the proper information for how to deal with bed bugs if similar future cases arise.

Tips for handling bed bugs include:
1. Call your Pest Management Professional
2. Do not touch or move anything unless instructed to do so by the professional
3. Once bed bugs are eliminated prevent bed bugs from coming back. Buy the appropriate anti-bed bug mattress encasements, anti-bed bug pillow cases, and bed bug prevention luggage liners.

Read more about dealing with bed bugs while traveling here.

More about the story can be found at http://napervillesun.suntimes.com/news/7888873-418/couple-suing-hollywood-casino-joliet-and-hotel-saying-room-had-bedbugs.html

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Secure Sleep

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If you’re currently dealing with killing bed bugs, these Secure Sleep products can prevent having to deal with bed bugs again. Don’t give those bed bugs any chance to get into your beds, closets, and travel bags!

Bed Bug Wedding Nightmare

Bed Bugs in Ohio Hotel Room

Imagine going to bed on your wedding night, only to find bed bugs crawling all over your hotel mattress! Could you think of any worse way to end what is supposed to be the best night of your life?

Bed Bug Travel Protection Well that nightmare is exactly what happened to a couple from Ohio who spent their wedding night packing up and leaving a bed bug ridden hotel room. Other members of the wedding party also left the infested hotel after one child felt a bed bug bite. The affected parties immediately drove home – in the middle of the night – and spent the early hours of the morning washing their clothes to prevent any bed bugs from spreading.

The families who were forced to leave the hotel because of bed bugs, called for a refund on their rooms but the hotel refused to give them their money back. Claiming there were no bed bugs in the rooms, they only offered 50% off their next room. The Ohio hotel did not want to give other customers the chance to demand their money back because of a “false” case of bed bugs.

Bed bugs or not, this story definitely underscores the importance of watching out for bed bugs when you travel. Read more about protecting against bed bugs when traveling here.

Where do bed bugs come from?

Bed bugs across the world have people asking the question – Where do they come from? Everyone wants to know where these critters originate and how to eliminate them. Bedbug.com provides some answers to this question and many more bed bug mysteries.

So, where do Bed Bugs Come From?

where do bed bugs come from?, bed bugs box spring

Bed Bug Cartoon by Kittylibber

  • Bed bugs reside in temperate zones across the world.
  • Bed bug infestations have increased due to an increase in international travel, and avaliable hosts.
  • Due to the elimination of powerful pesticides, such as DDT, in the 1950’s, bed bugs have been able to rebuild thier populations.
  • Recent research indicates that bedbugs have become more resilient to recent methods of killing bed bugs.
  • Common locations for bed bug infestation are in hotels, apartments, dorm rooms, hostels, cruise ships, hospitals, and moving vans. However, bed bugs can reside anywhere and survive for months without a single blood meal!

 Where do bed bugs hide in your home?

  • Bed bugs hide during the day, and do most of thier feeding at night.
  • Bed bugs typically hide nears beds; in mattresses, box springs and headboards. This is where the bed bugs can typically feed for longest while you sleep.
  • Bed bugs are typically transported though luggage, bedding, clothing and used furniture.

How Can I Protect A Bed or Luggage from Bed Bugs?

Bed Bugs VS Humans

bed bug, bedbug, bed bugs, bedbugs, bed bug infestation, bed bug mattress, bed bug protectorBed bugs popularity has increased throughout the years. May Berenbaum, a professor of entomology from the University of Illinois, stated that in 1995 she had not seen a live bedbug, until one of her students found one and mailed it to her. Nowadays, bed bugs are all over the news and all over the country, indicating that the infestation of these bed insects is progressing into a complicated situation.

Although bed bugs had disappeared for some time, there has been a bedbug resurgence, likely due to global traveling. Bed bugs tag along in passenger’s luggage and have made their way to all 50 states, including Guam, Puerto Rico, and American Samoa. Pest control calls are sky rocketing. From June 2009 to June 2010 there were more than 31,000 bed bug calls in New York City alone!

Where we go, bed bugs follow – theaters, stores, offices, schools, trains, ships, hospitals, etc. There is no escape, unless vacation, bed bug travel, bedbug travel, bed bug luggage, luggage liner, luggage protectora new approach is taken. Since bed bugs tend to hide in folds of clothing, bags, backpacks, and luggages, increased bed bug reports indicate that housewives are having an increasingly difficult time keeping free of these household bugs. Luckily, resources such as bedbug.com can provide you with many solutions to keep our clothing safe from these critters when traveling.  Even professional pest control operators are struggling to eliminate bed bugs, as they have become immune to old pesticides, which once were effective.

Sitting at home and feeling secure is no longer assured, as bed bug invasions are on the rise. Bed bugs differ from other household bugs. Unlike other bugs such as cockroaches, ants, and silverfish that are after an inanimate object, bedbugs are after us, and our blood. Entomologist May Berenbaum says, “they’re remarkably adept at circumventing our defenses: They not only attack while we sleep, but they also inject anesthetics, so as not to awaken us, and anticoagulants, so that in every 10-minute feeding they can suck in two to three times their weight in clot-free blood.”

Click here for more information on what bed bugs look like.mattress protector, bed bug mattress, bed bug mattress cover

As these bugs habitat varies from public facilities, to homes, and even college campus housing, a solution is greatly yearned for. Old remedies have become ineffective, and therefore new methods have been initiated. For a variety of protective products that are lab tested and entomologist recommended to prevent bed bugs, click here.

Bedbug.com’s cruise give-away winner, David Lisanby, checks his cabin for bed bugs

bedbug.com, beach, cruise winner, bed bugs check, bed bugsBed bug complaints have become all to common in high end cruises, hotels and other lodgings throughout the United States. Nowadays, there are even entire websites dedicated solely to bed bug complaints! Even at bedbug.com, we provide a full list of bedbug prevention travel tips for you.

But this was not the case for our cruise giveaway winner from PestWorld 2009, David Lisanby. In fact, he reports that “The cruise was great!”

David Lisaby and his pal, Randy traveled smart and bed bug free. They checked all of their mattresses for bed bugs when they first arrived in their cabin. Having a pleasant trip was especially important to David as this was he first cruise he’s even been on!

bed bugs, cruise, travel, bedbug.com, securesleep, mattress covers, mattress encasement, bedding, pillow protectors

David left Freeport to a cool 72 degrees and had smooth sailing with only 19 foot waves as his cruise ship left the dock.

Some of David’s favorite moments are captured in the pictures below, where he was greeted by pirates, dined with dancing waiters and got to stroll along the beach.
bed bugs, check for bed bugs, bed bug, cruise, winner, bedbug.com corporate blog, bedbug.com, david lisanby
bed bug mattress cover, bed bugs bedding, bed bug check, bed bugs on cruise, bed bug protection

Randy & David even took time out of their vacation to talk to the porter and cruise director about their specific cruises pest control services and bed bug precautions. We were all happy to hear that this cruise has both in house and outside pest services!

While David Lisanby “would recommend that they have bedbug.com covers placed on all of their ships,” he was happy to have a bed bug free cruise with dancing waiters and beautiful beaches.

Bed Bugs and the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver

For some time now, it has been predicted that bed bugs would be a problem at the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, and now, this harrowing bed bug prediction has already begun to come true for Canadian downhill skier Manny Osborne-Paradis. What is yet to be seen, however, is just how many bed bugs there will be and how many travelers will be returning home with bed bug bites as a result of the 2010 Olympics.

2010 olympics, bed bug, bed bug bite, bed bug bites, bed bugs, manny osborne-paradis

Vancouver, the hosting location of the 2010 Olympics, has already seen a doubling in reported bed bug cases for each year between 2003 and 2008. Ad now, all those people traveling to the Olympics on all those planes with all of their luggage will make the Olympic travel season ripe indeed for bed bug transfer.

This first Olympic bed bug report by Canadian downhill skier Manny Osborne-Paradis states that Osborne-Paradis has been infested with “damned bedbugs” and is itching from bed bug bites. Osborne-Paradis, and possibly other Canadian skiers staying in the same local Canadian condo, has begun to wash his sheets and take other anti-bed bug precautions.

Events like the Olympics are particularly problematic because when people travel, bed bugs travel, and when many people travel, many bed bugs travel! And it is no secret that, every Olympic season, many people from all over the world travel to attend the Olympics.

If you are the owner of vacation lodging in the Vancouver area, this is a great time to look into bed bug proof mattress and pillow encasements for your entire establishment.

If you are lucky enough to be one of the people traveling to attend the Olympics, be proactive and travel smart so that you can stay bed bug free this Olympic season.

Here are some important bed bug travel precautions you should consider:

bed bugs, bed bug protection, laundry bag, luggage liner, suitcase liner, bed bug, hotel bed bug, bed bugs hotel, hotel, kill bed bugs, travel bed bugs

(1) Check online hotel reviews and make sure there are no recent bed bug reports where you are staying.
(2) Look into anti-bedbug travel products such as bed bug free luggage liners and laundry bags.
(3) Peel back hotel bed sheets to check for bed bugs.
(4) If possible, remove the headboard and examine there for signs of bed bugs.
(5) Check the walls, drawers and nightstands around the bed area for those same bed bug signs.
(6) It’s a good idea to elevate suitcases off the ground because while bed bugs can crawl, they cannot jump.
(7) If you find bed bugs, notify the hotel staff immediately, because with all the travelers in Vancouver for the Olympics, infestations can spread awfully fast if left unchecked. Also, you’ll probably want a new room at that point.
(8) Lastly, when you leave the hotel, check your luggage for bed bugs, and launder all clothes upon returning home.

For more bed bug travel tips, news stories and anti bed bug travel products, please visit us at www.bedbug.com.