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Bed Bug Infestations in North Carolina Homeless Shelters Get Out of Hand

Homeless shelters in Winston-Salem and Greensboro have recently reported many bed bug infestations. To deal with the problem, they have had to buy new mattresses and pillows and tighten their check-in procedures.

Bed bugs are known to travel on clothing, so one of the best ways that homeless shelters can prevent re-infestation is by washing the clothing of any new members who are admitted and looking into bed bug mattress covers for their beds.

Many shelters have had to look to government funds and even request extra donations to control their bed bug infestations.

Schools Teaching Parents about Bed Bug Prevention

Danbury bedbug prevention meetingBed bug infestations can be really scary for parents, who don’t always know how to best eliminate bed bugs. Bedbug.com was recently notified that the Danbury School System will be hosting a bed bug information forum this Wednesday at 7 p.m. at Danubury High School.

We are thrilled to hear that bed bug information is being distributed to parents in a preventative manner. Our mission at Bedbug.com is to prevent bed bugs from entering your home by providing entomologist tested bed bug mattress and luggage encasement products, specifically for children and families. We highly recommend that you encourage your child school administration to host similar bedbug forums to help reduce infestations in your neighborhood!

Bed bugs on Airplanes

Traveling with Bed Bugs

bed bug travel Finding bed bugs in hotels is old news, now you might find the bed bugs on airplanes! After taking a British Airways flight from Los Angeles to London, one business class passenger discovered bed bug bites all over her arms and legs. Believe it or not, this is not the first of bed bug infestations found on airplanes. Last year a business class passenger found bed bug bites on his body after taking a flight with United Airlines. Looks like bed bugs also use airplanes to travel!

British Airways ignored complaints about the bed bugs one passenger discovered until a website publicizing the airline’s bed bug infestation went viral. The airline ended up having to get rid of bed bugs from two of their planes. Many airlines along with British Airways, have faced this issue of bed bugs in the past but it has never been publicized so as not to affect business.

How to Prevent Bed Bugs on Airplanes:

Airlines are responsible for preventing bed bugs on flights, but apparently they aren’t doing enough to protect their passenger. Take extra caution to make sure you don’t end up with bed bug bites coming off that plane!bed bug travel pillow

  1. Bring your own bed-bug proof pillow and blanket to protect against bed bugs while on your flight
  2. Use anti-bed bug luggage liners and bed bug proof garment bag encasements so that your clothes are protected from bed bug infestations
  3. Be careful about bringing bed bugs into your home – clean your luggage and clothing before entering your house

Read more about bed bugs on airplanes at www.forbes.com/sites/melaniehaiken/2011/11/21/bed-bugs-on-airplanes-how-to-fly-bed-bug-free/

Bed Bugs Found in Vancouver Library Book

Warning: Pick Books Wisely at the Library, Because You Might Just Find A Bed Bug Book

It’s bad enough we have to worry about finding bed bugs in bed, but now we have to worry that we might find bed bugs in books? In Vancouver, on Saturday, October 26th, a resident had an unpleasant surprise when he opened up his library book to find a red bug crawling across the page.

what a bed bug looks likeAt first the library patron wasn’t sure what the red bug was, but after searching on Google he discovered what bed bugs look like and even found more within his book. The library patron cleaned his home to prevent a bed bug infestation from occurring and to get rid of bed bugs that might have escaped from the book. He made sure to capture some of the bed bugs in order to let the library know about the situation.

In the past month, other library branches have been closed in New Westminster and Burnaby after library visitors began finding bed bugs in some of the books. However, despite this horrific discovery, the Vancouver library system does not plan on closing any  of its library branches. Also, due to the huge size of the library, with over 10 million items, they do not plan to have a full-inspection because of the major inconvenience and energy that it would take.

Read more at http://www.cbc.ca/news/arts/books/story/2011/10/27/bc-bed-bugs-vancouver-library.html

How Much Does It Cost to Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

Killing Bed Bugs Costs More than You’d Think!

Getting rid of bed bugs is no easy feat. How much money have you spent on pest management this year?  Is there truly any limit on how much money you are willing to spend to make sure you do not wake with bed bug bites?

Based on a recent poll by the Bedbug.com Bed Bug Blog, 90% of voters have spent over $100 getting rid of bed bugs, with 27% having spent between $501 and $1,000 and a whopping 31% having spent between %1,000 and $3,000!

Getting rid of bed bugs poll

Does taking care of bed bug infestations really cost an average of $500-$3,000? While quotes vary depending on the severity and conditions of the situation, it is definitely not unusual to get a quote anywhere upward of $500-per-room for pest management.

When getting rid of bed bugs is so expensive, why wait to break the bank trying to get rid of problem that can easily be prevented for a fraction of the price? Today, with SecureSleep bed bug proof products, such as bed bug mattress encasements, bed bug proof pillow cases, and even bed bug protective laundry and garment bags – there is no reason not to take caution and save yourself what could be a lot of money.

Let us know how much money you have spent taking care of a bed bug problem:

Bed Bugs attack the Police

Bed Bugs found in Philadelphia Police Departments

bed bug infested prison cellPolice have enough work to do, dealing with bed bugs shouldn’t be part of it. In Philadelphia, some police departments are facing big problems with bed bug infestations. Mayor of Philadelphia has announced that about $11 million will go toward improving the police department facilities to help prevent bed bugs, among other things.

The Police Union in Philadelphia, have asked the city to help in the repairs from these bed bug infestations. Some holding cells have been found with bed bugs and therefore cannot be used until the bed bugs are removed. In addition, instead of bringing their work home, police are bringing bed bugs home. The police union has to send exterminators to clean out these infested homes.

bed bug, frontal view

The fight against bed bugs in police departments is not a small one – it can not be solved with a few exterminations. The facilities are in bad conditions and the $11 million set aside for police department repairs and upgrades should reduce the chance of bed bugs returning in the future.

Read more at http://lewistownsentinel.com/page/content.detail/id/147161/Philly-FOP–Bedbugs–fleas-among-facility-problems-.html?isap=1&nav=5013

Where do bed bugs come from?

Bed bugs across the world have people asking the question – Where do they come from? Everyone wants to know where these critters originate and how to eliminate them. Bedbug.com provides some answers to this question and many more bed bug mysteries.

So, where do Bed Bugs Come From?

where do bed bugs come from?, bed bugs box spring

Bed Bug Cartoon by Kittylibber

  • Bed bugs reside in temperate zones across the world.
  • Bed bug infestations have increased due to an increase in international travel, and avaliable hosts.
  • Due to the elimination of powerful pesticides, such as DDT, in the 1950’s, bed bugs have been able to rebuild thier populations.
  • Recent research indicates that bedbugs have become more resilient to recent methods of killing bed bugs.
  • Common locations for bed bug infestation are in hotels, apartments, dorm rooms, hostels, cruise ships, hospitals, and moving vans. However, bed bugs can reside anywhere and survive for months without a single blood meal!

 Where do bed bugs hide in your home?

  • Bed bugs hide during the day, and do most of thier feeding at night.
  • Bed bugs typically hide nears beds; in mattresses, box springs and headboards. This is where the bed bugs can typically feed for longest while you sleep.
  • Bed bugs are typically transported though luggage, bedding, clothing and used furniture.

How Can I Protect A Bed or Luggage from Bed Bugs?

Bed Bugs Reported in Empire State Building’s Basement

The Empire State Building, one of New York City’s most prominent visitors attractions, seems to have fallen pray to one of New Yorks newest visitors; bed bugs.bed bugs new york.. bed bugs nyc, new york bed bugs, empire state

Bed bugs were reported by a single employee in the basement of the Empire State Building, according to the New York Daily News. And, according to the article, the Empire State Building responded quickly with exterminators spraying the affected areas.

While the managements response was correct in getting rid of the bed bugs as quickly as possible, guests and workers in this prominent New York attraction were not very happy.

Unfortunately, bed bugs have been reported across New York City, from stores in SoHo to homes in the Upper West Side to offices in Brooklyn. You never know which of your colleagues may have bed bugs in their home.

To keep safe, bedbug.com recommends regular bed bug inspections and keeping your personal items elevated off the floor & properly encased in bed bug proof encasements.

If you are looking for more on keeping your home and office bed bug free, please see our helpful bed bug tips pages.

Retailer Seeks Mayor’s Aid in Removing Bedbugs from Store

What has the bed bug situation come to, that retailers feel like they are so backed against the wall that they feel have to turn to the Mayor of New York for help and support.

Who would have dreamt that the bed bugs would cause so many problems that newspapers such as the Wall Street Journal and the Daily News are publishing articles about them! It’s being reported that if something doesn’t change in NYC, there could be significant revenue loss.

This is literally like experiencing the 11th plague. Just because these blood suckers can’t kill you, doesn’t mean they can’t turn your world upside down and render you almost bankrupt!

Bedbug.com urges you to be aware and stay alert as best you can!

Read more on the article “Retailer Seeks Mayor’s Aid in Removing Bedbugs from Store.”

If you are afraid that you may have bedbugs, please see this helpful video on how to spot a bedbug infestation. If you are simply trying to avoid getting bedbugs, entomologist tested bed bug proof bedding encasements are also advised.

Why Use Mattress Encasements to Prevent Bed Bugs

With the rise in bed bug infestations in the United States, too often, people complain about bed bugs in their beds and bed bug bites, not knowing that covering your mattress with bed bug mattress protectors is an easy way to prevent such irritation. In fact, there are even bed bug encasements to prevent bed bug bites while you travel.

Firstly, many people don’t even know what bed bug bites look like, and are therefore unable to pinpoint where their ‘rash’ is originating. Furthermore, even people who do know how to identify a bed bug bite don’t realize just how preventable bed bug bites are. Let’s help you reduce those problems.

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For those of us who do not love reading, one great way to know if you have bed bugs in the first place, is to click here and watch this bed bug movie.
But lets get back to bites. To make sure that what you have is bed bug bites, it is helpful to look at many bed bug bites pictures to compare to. It may also help to know that bed bugs usually bite in a pattern of a few bites in a row. So chances are if you have three bites close together, you were bitten by a bed bug (and not a mosquito or any other insect.)
Just because your partner sleeping in the same bed as you does not appear to have bed bug bites, does not mean that you do not have bed bugs. Most people don’t know that not all people who are bitten by bed bugs have an allergic reaction. So while you may have a big red itchy welt, your bed bug infested partner may be home free.
Another tell tale sign of bed bugs is staining on your mattress, pillow case or box spring as well as other signs of bed bug remains – such as bed bug shedding and eggs.
Here’s the best part about bed bug bites – they’re preventable. That’s right! Nobody needs to suffer from bed bugs! Companies such as Bedbug.com now sell mattress encasements, box spring protectors, pillow covers and even luggage liners that have been scientifically tested and proven bed bug free!
Lets say you already have the dreaded bed bugs’ bite. Here’s how to address it. Firstly, go to your pharmacy and get yourself some hydrocortisone cream. While the redness and swelling may remain, hydrocortisone cream has been proven to reduce the itch. Secondly, it’s still not too late to kill your existing bed bugs by locking them into, you guessed it, bed bug mattress and pillow encasements.

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Whether for your dorm, your home, or travel, it is important to make sure that:
(1) you get yourself some bed bug proof encasements
(2) your anti bed bug encasement is entomologist tested and recommended
(3) your Zip Tech ™ zipper is fully and securely zipped up, so that bed bugs have no chance of getting in or out of the encasement.
So, what are your waiting for? Bed bug proof your life today and get the SecureSleep™ that you’ve been waiting for.