Bed Bugs attack the Police

Bed Bugs found in Philadelphia Police Departments

bed bug infested prison cellPolice have enough work to do, dealing with bed bugs shouldn’t be part of it. In Philadelphia, some police departments are facing big problems with bed bug infestations. Mayor of Philadelphia has announced that about $11 million will go toward improving the police department facilities to help prevent bed bugs, among other things.

The Police Union in Philadelphia, have asked the city to help in the repairs from these bed bug infestations. Some holding cells have been found with bed bugs and therefore cannot be used until the bed bugs are removed. In addition, instead of bringing their work home, police are bringing bed bugs home. The police union has to send exterminators to clean out these infested homes.

bed bug, frontal view

The fight against bed bugs in police departments is not a small one – it can not be solved with a few exterminations. The facilities are in bad conditions and the $11 million set aside for police department repairs and upgrades should reduce the chance of bed bugs returning in the future.

Read more at–Bedbugs–fleas-among-facility-problems-.html?isap=1&nav=5013

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