Bed Bug Wedding Nightmare

Bed Bugs in Ohio Hotel Room

Imagine going to bed on your wedding night, only to find bed bugs crawling all over your hotel mattress! Could you think of any worse way to end what is supposed to be the best night of your life?

Bed Bug Travel Protection Well that nightmare is exactly what happened to a couple from Ohio who spent their wedding night packing up and leaving a bed bug ridden hotel room. Other members of the wedding party also left the infested hotel after one child felt a bed bug bite. The affected parties immediately drove home – in the middle of the night – and spent the early hours of the morning washing their clothes to prevent any bed bugs from spreading.

The families who were forced to leave the hotel because of bed bugs, called for a refund on their rooms but the hotel refused to give them their money back. Claiming there were no bed bugs in the rooms, they only offered 50% off their next room. The Ohio hotel did not want to give other customers the chance to demand their money back because of a “false” case of bed bugs.

Bed bugs or not, this story definitely underscores the importance of watching out for bed bugs when you travel. Read more about protecting against bed bugs when traveling here.

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