Bed Bugs in Philidelphia Police Station

Philidelphia and bed bugs have quite the history, but now they are even messing with the police!

bed bugs infest philly police stationThe Police Department building at Harbison and Levick found an infestation, which they are taking very seriously. The concern is not only for Philly police men and detectives, but prisoners transported out of the unit are also at great risk of getting bed bugs and spreading the infestation to fellow prisoners.

Poplar,  the Vice President of the Fraternal Order of Police, expressed concern that only part of the building was treated by exterminators, while adjacent areas remained untouched. Since then, the department has schedualed a return pest control visit and warned all of the personnel who work there.

This is just another reason why bed bug infestations and prevention is no laughing matter and should be dealt with seriously. If you are concerned that you may have bedbugs, please click here for bed bug search and elimination tips.

Watch video about the infestation at Philly’s Police Station by clicking here.

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