The Waldorf Astoria bitten by bed bugs!

New York City – Hotels in the City that never sleeps

Stores, homes, office buildings, hotels; bed bugs are everywhere. New

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York City is beginning to wear her name to her full extent. Bed bugs seem to be conquering every area of the city. A recent case concerning bed bugs in New York City sprouted in the historic Waldorf Astoria hotel. A couple staying at this renowned resort with their two children are suing the hotel and claim that they woke up with bed bug bites after their stay. They filed a complaint wit the hotel, and were given a new room and additional spa compensations. Arriving to their new suite, this Michigan family discovered the creeping crawlers had followed. Opening their suitcases, they found them to be bed bug infested. In addition, the couple had to take their two daughters to the emergency room, due to allergic reactions to bed bug bites.

Unfortunately, most people don’t know that this could have been prevented with the simple, affordable precaution of purchasing bed bug proof luggage liners.

The Waldorf Astoria has had two other bed bug complaints this year. They have since had their rooms inspected, and have stated that the safety of their guests is of paramount importance to them. Upon inspection, no evidence or indication of bed bug presence was discovered.

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