Bed Bugs – The Endless “Epidemic”

Bed bugs are popular in places inhabited by humans; from apartments to
office buildings to historic hotels. Where we go, they go, and their invasion targets have
reached unexpected heights. There are tons of facts and tips about bed bugs all over the web.

Bed bugs have hit downtown offices in New York city, including J.P Morgan Chase.
Following this case, Elle fashion magazine offices in New York, as well as Brooklyn
District Attorney Charles Hynes, have needed to call an exterminator.

Education centers have joined the list as well. Bed bugs have been reported in Chicago’s Public Schools’ headquarters. The 20 floors of their building have been recently treated, due to an employee reporting bites. Dorm rooms of the University of North Texas were forced to be evacuated, owing to detection of bed bugs. Bed bugs have infected beyond dorm rooms, and were even spotted in the library of the University of Indiana.

A survey has shown that bed bugs have prominently been discerned in various
commercial businesses. They are striking major tourist attractions, especially in
New York City, including Time Square’s AMC theaters, Victoria Secret on Lexington,
Hollister in Soho, Abercrombie and Fitch, and Nike. In addition to infestations of tourist
attractions and shopping centers, government buildings, such as Washington’s Federal
building and Jersey City court house were infected.

Attempt after attempt, experts have concluded that these notoriously hard to kill bugs will not always be eliminated by simple sprays. Bed bugs can survive for up to a year off of one feeding of human blood, and can reproduce a myriad of offspring, leading to alarming infestations in six months. Properly and permanently exterminating these critters is one of the biggest challenges. In order not to be faced with this obstacle, precautions CAN be taken! offers a catalog of entomologist approved bed bug protection products made to help prevent you from becoming a victim!

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