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Two new surveys have been produced and have ranked Cincinnati, Ohio as the top, or as near the top of bed bug complaints.

Orkin: Terminix:
-Ranks the Cincinnati region No. 1 for service calls, followed by Columbus, Ohio, Chicago, Illinois, Denver, Colorado and Detroit, Michigan. The Memphis-based pest control company ranks the region fourth for bedbug-related calls, behind New York, Philadelphia and Detroit.

No city wants to be named the bed bug capital, even if it is the case that number of bed bug reports does not correlate with the cleanliness of a city. Different solutions and interventions for these bed bug infestations are being pursued. Ranking a city in its popularity with bed bug problems has been a difficult task to accomplish. In 2008, a survey by the health department showed that 14% of people reported they knew someone who had had problems with bed bugs. Just one year later, that percentage doubled to over 21%!

FACTS about bed bugs:
-They feed off of human blood.
They are NOT known for carrying or spreading disease.
-They can survive anywhere where they can find “food.” In other words, wherever humans are, bed bugs can be.
Where can bed bugs be found? Bed bugs can be found in places such as hotels, college dormitories, private homes, health-care facilities and even public libraries on both sides of the river.

Cincinnati, Ohio was recently singled out in Times Magazine in reference to its bed bug problems. This issue does not solely remain within the walls of the Queen City or even the US. Bed bugs are becoming a global problem.
Percentage increases of bed bug related problems (according to Henriksen of NPMA in Fairfax, VA)
-95% of the association’s U.S. members reported treating a bedbug infestation in the last year, as compared to 25% in 2000.

– Canada: 98% of pest management companies had dealt with bedbugs in the last year.

– Europe: 92% had dealt with an infestation.

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