Preventing Bed Bugs from Biting Your State

new york bed bugs, bed bugs office, bedbugs work,, bedbug blogNew York City is being invaded by bed bugs! A Daily News poll suggest that one in ten New Yorker’s have had to deal with bed bugs and that at least 800,000 New Yorkers have encountered bed bugs in their beds! Some individuals even reported bed bug bites that caused swelling and itching.

And unfortunately, one’s economic status makes a difference: twice as many people who produced less than $50,000 a year had bed bugs, compared with those with a higher income.

Although most bed bug situations in New York reside are found in hotels boutiques, according to the Marist poll for the Daily News, of all the cities surveyed, Manhattan was found to contain the least amount of bed bug problems in the workplace. Bed bugs that were found in New York businesses tended to be in the cities of Staten Island, Queens, and the Bronx.

What do bed bugs look like? How do they transport themselves? Bed bugs, sometimes dubbed “bed fleas,” are as small as rice grains and difficult to see and kill. They can go months without eating and transport themselves mostly through luggage, clothes, and used furniture.

Bed bugs have certainly made their comeback. Bed bug sprays, such as pesticides, have become ineffective in their annihilation of bed bugs, as they have become resistant to these chemicals. Lab tested bed bug products have been created to keep these mattress bugs from living in your bedding. These protectors may help us avoid bed bug bites, when used in conjunction with a licensed exterminator.

But New York is hard at work fighting bed bugs across the city. New York City recently distributed $500,000 in anti-bedbug funds, and is also considering naming a bedbug “czar” to ensure New Yorkers a bed bug free sleep.

While polls show that 67% of New Yorker’s find that bed bugs are discovered by their bites, scientists beg to differ. Scientists say that only 50% of people are allergic to bed bug bites, and the other 50% never develop noticeable bites. Bed bugs are most commonly found in beds, and often reside in box springs.

According to Jeff Eisenberg of Pestaway, most bed bug cases tend to go unreported. People do not tell their employers that they have a bed bug problem at home, allowing bed bugs to make their way to the workplace.

According to the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development -violation notices for bed bug infestations:
2003-2004: 82
2009: 4,811
First half of 2010: 1,976

For more bed bug statistics and FAQ, click here.

However, it is surmised that these statistics only demonstrate half of the bed bug calls made to 311, which is the non emergency hotline for reports to New Yorks’ Housing Prevention department. Most calls come directly from buildings whose apartments are on the rental market, while apartment owners make up only a small fraction of the calls. In response to these reports, state Assembly member, Linda B. Rosenthal made a legislation requiring bed bug history to be disclosed when selling or renting apartments to potential home buyers. She also says she will address the matter of these bed bugs in businesses; although it will be a tricky task.

Although bed bugs have become a serious issue in New York City, they are making their way around the states. Unfortunately, treating these bugs can be expensive.

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