Bed Bugs VS Humans

bed bug, bedbug, bed bugs, bedbugs, bed bug infestation, bed bug mattress, bed bug protectorBed bugs popularity has increased throughout the years. May Berenbaum, a professor of entomology from the University of Illinois, stated that in 1995 she had not seen a live bedbug, until one of her students found one and mailed it to her. Nowadays, bed bugs are all over the news and all over the country, indicating that the infestation of these bed insects is progressing into a complicated situation.

Although bed bugs had disappeared for some time, there has been a bedbug resurgence, likely due to global traveling. Bed bugs tag along in passenger’s luggage and have made their way to all 50 states, including Guam, Puerto Rico, and American Samoa. Pest control calls are sky rocketing. From June 2009 to June 2010 there were more than 31,000 bed bug calls in New York City alone!

Where we go, bed bugs follow – theaters, stores, offices, schools, trains, ships, hospitals, etc. There is no escape, unless vacation, bed bug travel, bedbug travel, bed bug luggage, luggage liner, luggage protectora new approach is taken. Since bed bugs tend to hide in folds of clothing, bags, backpacks, and luggages, increased bed bug reports indicate that housewives are having an increasingly difficult time keeping free of these household bugs. Luckily, resources such as can provide you with many solutions to keep our clothing safe from these critters when traveling.  Even professional pest control operators are struggling to eliminate bed bugs, as they have become immune to old pesticides, which once were effective.

Sitting at home and feeling secure is no longer assured, as bed bug invasions are on the rise. Bed bugs differ from other household bugs. Unlike other bugs such as cockroaches, ants, and silverfish that are after an inanimate object, bedbugs are after us, and our blood. Entomologist May Berenbaum says, “they’re remarkably adept at circumventing our defenses: They not only attack while we sleep, but they also inject anesthetics, so as not to awaken us, and anticoagulants, so that in every 10-minute feeding they can suck in two to three times their weight in clot-free blood.”

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As these bugs habitat varies from public facilities, to homes, and even college campus housing, a solution is greatly yearned for. Old remedies have become ineffective, and therefore new methods have been initiated. For a variety of protective products that are lab tested and entomologist recommended to prevent bed bugs, click here.

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