Tech Tuesday: Fighting Bed Bugs With

Tech Tuesday talks bed bugs and the importance of bed bug mattress protectors and other encasements in this video:

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Click to play 'Fighting Bedbugs' video at Tech Tuesday

What’s the movie all about?

Bedbugs are becoming an increasing problem in America. Although this issue is not going unresolved, there are preventative measures you can take. The irony about these bugs is that you bring them into your own bed, probably due to a higher rate of traveling.

Bedbugs transport themselves to homes through hotel mattresses and hotel pillows, and end up on peoples bodies and in their suitcases. Fortunately, bedbugs don’t have to be part of your life if you are willing to take some simple precautions.

The video tells how  you can find the most convenient solutions, such as high-tech mattress encasements, luggage liners, and micro-polyester laundry bags, all made with a unique zipper technology, and breathable, hypoallergenic fabric.

Preventing this travel tick could be one click away! –

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