Retailer Seeks Mayor’s Aid in Removing Bedbugs from Store

What has the bed bug situation come to, that retailers feel like they are so backed against the wall that they feel have to turn to the Mayor of New York for help and support.

Who would have dreamt that the bed bugs would cause so many problems that newspapers such as the Wall Street Journal and the Daily News are publishing articles about them! It’s being reported that if something doesn’t change in NYC, there could be significant revenue loss.

This is literally like experiencing the 11th plague. Just because these blood suckers can’t kill you, doesn’t mean they can’t turn your world upside down and render you almost bankrupt! urges you to be aware and stay alert as best you can!

Read more on the article “Retailer Seeks Mayor’s Aid in Removing Bedbugs from Store.”

If you are afraid that you may have bedbugs, please see this helpful video on how to spot a bedbug infestation. If you are simply trying to avoid getting bedbugs, entomologist tested bed bug proof bedding encasements are also advised.

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