’s cruise give-away winner, David Lisanby, checks his cabin for bed bugs, beach, cruise winner, bed bugs check, bed bugsBed bug complaints have become all to common in high end cruises, hotels and other lodgings throughout the United States. Nowadays, there are even entire websites dedicated solely to bed bug complaints! Even at, we provide a full list of bedbug prevention travel tips for you.

But this was not the case for our cruise giveaway winner from PestWorld 2009, David Lisanby. In fact, he reports that “The cruise was great!”

David Lisaby and his pal, Randy traveled smart and bed bug free. They checked all of their mattresses for bed bugs when they first arrived in their cabin. Having a pleasant trip was especially important to David as this was he first cruise he’s even been on!

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David left Freeport to a cool 72 degrees and had smooth sailing with only 19 foot waves as his cruise ship left the dock.

Some of David’s favorite moments are captured in the pictures below, where he was greeted by pirates, dined with dancing waiters and got to stroll along the beach.
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Randy & David even took time out of their vacation to talk to the porter and cruise director about their specific cruises pest control services and bed bug precautions. We were all happy to hear that this cruise has both in house and outside pest services!

While David Lisanby “would recommend that they have covers placed on all of their ships,” he was happy to have a bed bug free cruise with dancing waiters and beautiful beaches.

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