Why a bed bug mattress cover?

When looking for a mattress cover for my queen size bed, I kept being told to get bed bug covers for my entire family. These days it’s not enough to cover your mattress, instead you must fully encase all of your bedding in bed bug bags in order to prevent bed bugs or kill any bed bugs already trapped inside.

The more research I do on bed bugs and the more information I find out – from either people who have had first had experience unfortunately, or from bed bug videos and professionals, the more scary it is.

They spread faster than we realize, their cunning, and their bedroom smart. They stop at nothing to feast themselves at our expense, sucking our blood right out of us from under our noises.

The havoc they create is unimaginable unless you’ve been through it yourself. The money needed to be spent that you afford and the time it takes to get rid of them that you just don’t have drains you, physically and emotionally, it can literally drive people to insanity.

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I heard from an entomologist that he has seen people get so desperate and pushed to the limit that they have resulted in covering their floors and sofa’s in diesel fuel; however this of course brings up other serious and dangerous problems.

My advise is that its defiantly better to leave it to the pest control professionals but what you can and should do weather you have had bed bugs or not, make sure that all the pillows, mattresses and box springs in your house are protected with bed bug covers. I even have a laundry bag that is bed bug proof; I’m not leaving anything up to chance!!

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