Bed Bugs and Football Staff Writer
November 25th, 2009

Protecting your home is like a football game – and you’re always on defense. Day in and day out the dishes pile up, the toys seem to move about by themselves and laundry, seemingly of its own accord, scatters itself in the TV room, the bathroom and all over every one of your children’s bedroom floors. Your best efforts feel like a losing battle but you go on and reach for that touchdown that is a clean house. Here’s the thing: no matter how clean your house, once those articles of clothing are strewn around you may have lost the game – to Bed Bugs. bed bug, football, bedbug,

Many people do not realize that bed bugs are excellent travelers. They’re naturally sticky and have a gift for clinging to the coat, shirt or sock that happened to be tossed aside on the floor of any given schoolroom, hotel bedroom or co-ed dormitory. They happily hang on until that one piece of attire is picked up, placed in a bag or piece of luggage and then carried to the next destination, only to sit on another floor or surface. Then all they have to do is wait – literally.

A few bed bugs, capable of laying five eggs a day over a lifetime of three to four months when feeding on blood, can patiently wait up to a year for a meal. Those bugs brought home in any bag could sit in some corner, waiting for the next piece of clothing to be dropped. They could also make a bed their new home when the dirty laundry is strewn about after a long, hard day at work or by a child who is less-than-enthusiastic about daily cleaning.

You know the offense has certain advantages and you know that you need to adjust your defensive strategy. So what can you do? Managing yourself is difficult enough with work, traveling and meetings, but with a spouse, children in school and one or more coming home from college to visit how do you stop those bed bugs from invading and infesting your home, making you and your family their next source of food and shelter and causing you untold in mental anguish and financial damages. has one of the best defensive tools available for your home protection. is the only encasement manufacturer providing you with the exclusive patent pending micro-zipper-technology laundry bag for protection from bed bug infiltration. The laundry bag is secure and impermeable to stop the penetration of bed bugs in fabric. A simple bag in each bedroom means no clothes with bugs on the floor. The bugs can’t get in or out. Even if one or two manage to cling to a shirt or pair of jeans they’re in the bag until laundry day – and if you wash and dry your clothes properly you’ll be doing half the work to prevent a bed bug outbreak in your home. It only works with the secure laundry bag, though. Think of it as the best defense available for your family.

Additionally, if you’re traveling for business or your child is coming home from camp or school the luggage liner prevents infestation just like the laundry bags. You don’t know who was in the hotel room before you and co-ed living is always on the run and a mess but with the premium luggage liner no bugs will get in or out. Traveling just became a lot safer.

The prevent-defense is your best defense. You’re busy and your family is always on the move. We all know it’s the simple things that make life easier and safer. Buckling up takes but a second. Once the exclusive laundry bag is in each bedroom, the quick act of tossing your dirty clothes inside and not on the floor is a sure fire way to add another layer of protection to your lives.

No one wants to sit around with the family on football Sunday scratching those bumpy bites after a sleepless night of itching. You don’t have to. has your defensive tools ready: patent pending micro-zipper laundry bag and luggage liner – for your family’s health and safety. Protect and prevent. It’s that easy.

Visit for all your bed bug protection needs!

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  • Spiel Roulette  On January 9, 2010 at 10:29 am

    Great idea, but will this work over the long run?

    •  On January 10, 2010 at 6:36 am

      That’s the whole idea.

      As long as you can prevent getting bed bugs while you travel until you’ve arrived home and washed your clothing, you can stay bed bug free in the long run.

      That is why’s one-of-a-kind bed bug free laundry bag is such a great item to travel with!

  • The Bedbug Blog  On December 13, 2009 at 4:09 am

    This site looks excellent. Good resources for dealing with pests.

    Thank goodness there’s one little bedbug who doesn’t bite and that kids don’t have to be afraid of!

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