All Hail the Laundry Bag!‎

Ok, so it seems those nasty little blood suckers are back. No, it’s not election season ‎again – we’re talking bed bugs. That’s right – BED BUGS. These little insects have been ‎wreaking havoc for millennia, then in the 1950’s they were all but wiped out by the ‎pesticide DDT. However since then, through a variety of factors such as the banning of ‎DDT, increased international travel, genetic evolution and even global warming, they ‎have made a startling comeback. The US East Coast has been particularly hard hit, with ‎New York being seen as bed bug central.‎

So, what to do about it? A case could be made for unsheathing all those old nuclear bomb ‎shelters from the cold war and just riding it out until a cure comes along, but ‎conventional methods might be more prudent. Enter’s line of anti-bed bug ‎protective products. ‎

bed bug, bedbugs, laundry bag

While there are mattress, box spring and pillow covers, which are outstanding, and make ‎up the end cap of a total pest control solution to bed bugs (not to mention a nice party ‎gift), there is one product we wish to point out, if for no other reason then its sheer ‎uniqueness within the pantheon of bed bug products. Introducing the SecureSleep™ ‎Laundry Bag. ‎

Now, we’ll understand it if you don’t get warm fuzzies over a laundry bag, but give it a ‎chance, and you might. This, you see, is no ordinary laundry bag. Is it made of titanium ‎and kryptonite? No. But, it is made of 100% micro-polyester, which won’t allow these ‎insidious creatures to get in or out. Add that to our Ziptech(TM) zipper design, known as Zip ‎Tech™ (what else would you call a patent pending zipper technology?), specially reinforced ‎seams, a rubberized liner for extra durability, and there you have it – one fancy-schmancy ‎and effective anti-bed bug Laundry Bag. Even has a lifetime warranty. Pretty good, huh?‎

Ok, we know that by now, you are probably asking why laundry bags are important when ‎it comes to bed bugs. After all, don’t they attack you in your bed? Well, yes they do. But ‎to get there, they generally crawl along the floor first, and yes, you guessed it – that’s ‎where most folks keep their dirty laundry (see elections above, as well).‎

Seriously, though, part of any effective bed bug prevention plan includes keeping these ‎bugs out of your clothing. The females of the species lay about 5 eggs per day, so what ‎starts out as a small problem with bed bugs can suddenly end up being a very nasty, ‎expensive, itchy and large one. Trust us here – you don’t want it. ‎

So, be pro-active and make sure you stock up on these beauties – use them for your clean ‎clothes AND your dirty clothes. Use them when you travel, along with anti-bed bug ‎luggage liners and travel pillows with encasement. Use ‎them while you’re away at college – bed bugs are a real big problem on campus, too. ‎Also, keep a few extras for your guest room, because goodness knows where those folks ‎have been! ‎

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